CAA Record Generator

Here's How to Generate CAA Record Using CAA Record Generator Tool

Here we have the CAA Record Generator tool to make your job easier. All you require to do is to simply add the domain name in the field and then select the CA from whom you want an SSL to be issued and click on the button. Likewise, it'll generate your CAA Record.

Control Which Certificate Authority Can Issue SSL Certificates for Certain Domains Within Your Organization

CAA Record is one of the powerful records within DNS settings that permits users to control which CA (Certificate Authority) can issue an SSL certificate for domains within an organization or a company. And, once you state your preference for the CA (Certificate Authority), only those whitelisted CAs will be able to issue an SSL certificate for those domains.

In other words, you can say the CAA Recorder Tool is like a medical record. Henceforth, as the hospitals refer to the record before giving any remedies to make sure they aren't giving the wrong medicine or a medicine that can cause any allergy. Likewise, the same concept is used here with CAA Records, but instead of medicine, it's with SSL certificates and domains

Earlier in 2017, It Became Obligatory to Check the CAA Record

Starting earlier on September 8, 2017, it became obligatory for the CAs like Comodo and Sectigo to check the CAA record before issuing any type of SSL certificate. Likewise, the DNS setting allows organizations to provide security integrity and gain customer trust while increasing brand reputation. And minimize the possibility of finding any random expired SSL certificate from corrupt employees.

What to Do if You're Using Any Other Service or Your Domain Registrar's DNS?

Don't worry if you're using any other service or domain registrar's DNS. Most of the DNS providers and domain registrars comply with the CAA records. Some of the biggest DNS providers supporting CAA records are below. And, if you can't find your provider within the list, simply contact your DNS provider's customer support and ask them.

  • Amazon Route 53
  • Cloudflare
  • cPanel v66+
  • DNS Made Easy
  • DYN Managed DNS
  • Gandi
  • Hurricane Electric (HE) DNS

Why CAA Record Generator Tool?

Nobody would like to see their website getting down because of an issued SSL certificate. Likewise, nobody would want to lose revenue due to such a problem. So, it's better to use CAA Recorder Tool and prevent this type of situation from happening by specifying your CAA Record.