SSL Certificate Decoder Tool

Decode SSL Certificate & Verify Your SSL Certificate Contains Correct Information

SSL Certificate Decoder tool is a free-to-use SSL tool that allows you to decode various file extensions such as DER, PFX, or PEM that have an SSL encoded in it.

Nonetheless, you can use this SSL Certificate Decoder tool by copying and pasting your SSL certificate within the below box and clicking the button.

You'll require to open your issued SSL certificate file in a text editor like notepad. Likewise, your SSL certificate looks like this:

Similarly, Certificate starts with:


And ends with:


Once you install the SSL certificate on your website, you can submit the SSL certificate here to verify and assure that it's working correctly.

Decode SSL Certificate to Know Whether Information of Your Installed SSL Is Correct or Not

Suppose you're managing huge enterprise-level orders like hundreds of SSL certificates, and you're going to install on your own. Then, there are chances that you may end up installing the wrong SSL certificate on the website. For instance, you may install an SSL certificate of ABCs website on XYZ website. And if that happens, it can create a lot of complexities further down the road. Likewise, for such a situation, it's recommended that you use freely available SSL tools like SSL certificate decoder to know whether the installed SSL certificate is correct or not.

Even if you're interested in knowing about the information regarding the SSL certificate, you can use tools like SSL Certificate Decoder Tool. Nonetheless, it's one of the best SSL practices to know whether your installed SSL certificate consists of the correct information or not.