Certificate Key Matcher

Free Tool to Match Your Private Keys, CSR & SSL Certificate

Certificate Key matcher is an excellent tool for managing multiple SSL certificate orders. For instance, enterprise-level orders containing hundreds of SSL certificates can easily get mismanaged. Likewise, it helps prevent problems like losing track of which certificate pairs with which private key or which CSR generates which SSL certificate. However, free to use Certificate Key Matcher tool to help you to find out whether a generated CSR or a private key matches with an SSL certificate or not.

Want to Check Whether Your Certificate Matches or Not?

Your private key is intended to remain on the server. While we try to make this process as secure as possible by using SSL to encrypt the key when it is sent to the server, for complete security, we recommend that you manually check the public key hash of the private key on your server using the OpenSSL commands above.

Furthermore, the Certificate Key Matcher evaluates the public key's hash value from the certificate, the private key, or the CSR and lets you know whether they match with each other or not. Likewise, you can also verify whether a given certificate matches with a private key or a CSR matches with a certificate on your personal computer system using the commands of OpenSSL stated below:

openssl pkey -in privateKey.key -pubout -outform pem | sha256sum openssl x509 -in certificate.crt -pubkey -noout -outform pem | sha256sum openssl req -in CSR.csr -pubkey -noout -outform pem | sha256sum

Nonetheless, if you aren't used to using the openssl command and want an easy way, we also have our Certificate Key Matcher Tool. It'll keep the process secure using a secure SSL connection for encrypting the key when transmitting to the server. Likewise, you can also check your private key's consistency to verify it hasn't been tampered with.