Why No Padlock Tool

Here's How Using "Why No Padlock" Tool You Can Check for Insecure Link

The "Why No Padlock?" tool is a free-to-use SSL tool that verifies whether there's any insecure link or not on your website. And, if there are any insecure links, then it detects and makes you aware of them.

Likewise, if your website doesn't show the secure padlock or display a helpful visual indicator, you can simply enter your URL into the "Why No Padlock" Tool below and click on the check button. And, within minutes, it'll display the URLs that are responsible for creating issues.

And, if you face any major issue and you see a lot of insecure links that you can't resolve on your own, feel free to contact us, and we'll guide you through it.

Check for Insecure Links Using Free Tool "Why No Padlock" & Make Sure Your SSL Certificate Is Correctly Installed

Installation and configuration of an SSL certificate aren't easy and require some technical knowledge. Furthermore, by installing an SSL certificate, you configure your web server for encrypted connections and redirect all the pages and assets of your website to secure an HTTPS connection. Therefore, even a single mistake can create complications for websites.

Similarly, one common problem people often face after installation is not getting correct visual indicators like Secure Padlock. And, if you're someone who has completed all the installation process and redirected every page, image, and asset of your website to secure HTTPS connection, there's free to use the "Why No Padlock" tool available that helps find issues of insecure links.